The Joplin Tri-State IMA Chapter has partnered with Gleim to ensure your success on the CMA exam!

As a proud IMA Strategic Partner and the review candidates have trusted since 1981, Gleim CMA is celebrating the occasion by offering IMA Chapter members 30% off of the Gleim Premium CMA Review. IMA Chapter members normally receive the largest discount that is offered on the Gleim CMA Review and for a limited time those savings are even bigger!

You can use this special offer to encourage your current members to get started now and to help you recruit new members who are potential CMA candidates. The 30% offer is only good until the end of June. In July the Gleim discount will go back to the normal chapter discount of 25%.

Gleim CMA’s mission is to help candidates pass their exams with confidence on the first try. We achieve this goal by working with the IMA to support candidates and provide everything future CMAs need to pass including:

*Realistic, exam-quality practice questions
*Expert and educator-led videos
*Comprehensive coverage of the ICMA’s Content Specification Outlines
*Our Proven, stree-free study method
*Personalized and reliable candidate support
*And much more!

Orders can also be placed online at or by using your chapters custom ordering link. Please note that the 30% discount will be displayed at check out and not on the initial welcome screen.

CMA Scholarships

CMA scholarship - Two $350 scholarships are awarded each year by the Joplin Tri-State Chapter

IMA Global scholarship - A scholarship offered by IMA Global to help dedicated students in obtaining their CMA​​